Garden Lighting Ideas & Attractive Design Options

A garden lighting professional installs different types of lights in your property’s outdoor space with added spark and illumination. The specialist also offers aftercare and maintenance to keep outdoor garden lighting captivating and functional. In this way, you get peace of mind regarding the design, installation, inspection, and testing of lights with guaranteed protection from fire risks and electric shocks.

In this guide, we have covered the types of lights which can be installed in your garden, and different types of lighting effects which can be created. Moreover, it also includes information on how professionals create perfect garden lighting designs.

Why Install Garden Lighting?

Garden lighting in your property’s outdoor space creates a beautiful landscape and directs the safe movement of people on the premises. It also prevents uninvited people from entering the property and allows you to use the garden space when it gets dark at night time.

Types of Lights

Which Types of Lights Can Be Installed in Your Garden?

The following are some of the popular light options which can be installed in outdoor garden spaces:

  • Bollards
  • Lanterns
  • LED Tape
  • Fairy Lights
  • Lamp Posts
  • Spike Lights
  • Flood Lights
  • Lighting Festoons
  • In-Ground Fittings
  • Low-Level Wall Lights
  • Wall Mounted Spot Lights

Garden Lighting Ideas – Which Objects to Illuminate?

There are different garden lighting ideas based on the objects you can illuminate to add a highlighting touch to various garden features with added aesthetics and appeal:

  • Paths & Steps

You can install lights in hooded spots to brighten up your garden’s paths and steps, even if it gets dark. Strip lights can also be installed under all the risers to illuminate the steps below. While installing lights on steps, you should ensure they point downwards to eliminate the problem of dazzling.

  • Trees

Trees hold great importance in your garden and can be the most suitable feature for adding lights. You can install different types of fairy lights or string lights by wraping them around larger branches and trunks of trees. In this way, you can add depth to your garden space with an atmospheric glow at night.

  • Garden Table

You can place portable lights on your garden table to illuminate it for having dinner or entertainment gatherings with your friends and family members. Lanterns, festoon lights, or LED candles can be placed on the table along with floor lamps to have a perfect experience.

  • Walls

You can install lights on garden walls to add style to your outdoor space with additional security. A clever lighting combination in the form of a wide beam of light can bring the warm tones and natural texture of your garden walls to life. You can also install lights in such a way that any imperfection or undulation in the wall gives the expression of a stylish finish after illumination.

Different Types of Lights

Different Types of Lighting Effects for Gardens

The following are some of the types of lighting effects which can be created in the garden space with the help of professional installers:


Up-lighting brings objects and key features, such as fences, pergolas, trees, shrubs, sculptures, and walls, into focus when lights are fixed at a lower location. Well-lights can be installed 2-4 feet from the trunk base to illuminate the canopy of mature trees or ornamental plants.


Bullet-type fixtures create a down-lighting effect by placing them well above eye level on a structure that is to be illuminated. This lighting effect helps make your property safe and secure with enhanced aesthetic quality. Different sizes of fixtures and lamps can be installed based on the required brightness level and illumination width.


This lighting effect is created by using a narrow and strongly focused light beam and is one of the best options to illuminate address number signs, flagpoles, landscape features, sculptures, statues, etc. Spotlighting effect can be created by using bullet fixtures.

Path Lighting

Low fixtures with a shielded top are helpful for path lighting, directing lighting in the outwards and downwards directions to avoid light flare. They can be installed along the paths, stairs, and other locations to ensure safe access during nighttime. This garden lighting design is best for use along flowerbeds, ground cover areas, small pathways, and walkways.



Backlighting involves projecting light onto the back of an object required to be illuminated. This effect blocks direct light from the object itself and creates the object outline by leaking around it, resulting in a glowing effect.

Shadowing/Silhouette Lighting

This lighting effect can be created to illuminate different objects in front of a large surface with the help of a wide flood or wash light fixture without pointing out the light directly. It results in the formation of silhouettes from the objects being brightened up.

How Do Professionals Create Garden Lighting Designs?

Determining various factors and following several steps, the professional installers create a perfect garden light design, such as:

  • They record your requirements to determine the areas you need to illuminate, such as driveways, pathways, steps, patios, BBQ areas, play areas, hot tubs, outdoor dining areas, tennis courts, etc.
  • They decide the type of lighting to illuminate the space with garden pendant light, diffused light or plug & play garden lighting, etc.
  • They select some of the focal points or key features, like architectural components, plants, trees, or water features, to highlight with different garden lighting ideas.
  • They decide on a garden lighting design, which also ensures your property’s safety and security with proper illumination of outdoor spaces.
  • They consider controlling mechanisms for lights, i.e., how you will turn on lights, installing an efficient light control system, time clock, dusk till dawn sensor, or presence detector, etc.
Create Garden Lighting

Final Words

People think about different garden lighting ideas, and their thoughts can be converted to reality by hiring professional installers from a reputable company with cost-effective rates. You can describe your requirements and preferences to them and they help you decide a perfect design for outdoor garden lighting. This way, you can enhance your property’s security with an aesthetic and eye-appealing effect.

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