Plug and Play lighting

 The most comprehensive range of Plug and Play garden lights in the UK keeps on growing 

What are Plug and Play garden lights? 

A range of LED garden lights that need NO ELECTRICIAN to install. This makes your project much more affordable.Using 12V low voltage power consumption means safer for your family and considerably cheaper to run.Flexibility to 100% customise the set up to perfectly fit your requirements. Large range of lights that can be mixed and matched on one circuit.

 Adding to or reconfiguring your lights is just as easy

Three Easy steps 

1 Decide what lights you want and where you want to position them 

2 Select what wires and connectors you need to get to the lights. Don't forget to add a transformer to power the lights.

3 Plug in and see your garden transformed

If you have any questions or want our help please call our freephone number

Have a question? Please feel free to call our freephone 0800 0372975