Marino Range-Connectable Festoon Lighting-10 bulbs per 10m

Our Marino range is made with heavy duty cable and can stand up to the rigours of the British weather. We have both fixed and pendant cables that have 10 bulbs with 95cm spacing between lamp sockets.

Select from our scene setting retro filament bulbs or the low energy warm white LED bulbs.

These sets are connectable up to 600m (or a 750watt load)

All sets are priced with bulbs included -NO Hidden Extras

All sets comes with a 2 year guarantee

Marino Range-Connectable Heavy Duty Festoon Lighting - 10 Bulbs per 10m

Manufactured for excellent durability and to meet the outdoor lighting needs for the whole year, these heavy duty festoon lightings are a superb choice for exterior lighting. These outdoor lights are available in several styles and shapes, have remarkable energy efficiency, and save significant costs.

The Outside Lighting Specialists provide the best-quality lights that are efficient, durable, and cost-effective. Our company houses a range of heavy-duty outdoor lighting to help you decorate your commercial and domestic properties per your needs and tastes. Contact us online and get our quality lights to make your outdoors amazing.

What Sets These Lights Apart?

  • Heavy-duty festoon lighting provides a warm and soothing environment, creating an ambience for your lovely gatherings.
  • Outdoor string lights ensure much-needed illumination, enabling you to do your dining and other activities easily.
  • These LED lights utilise minimum electricity to produce more light and, hence, help you cut your bills.
  • These lights are versatile, which means greater flexibility to use them for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Pick from a Vast Variety

Our company acquires all styles of heavy-duty outdoor lighting for sale, helping our customers to pick conveniently as per their choice. Our product list extends beyond various styles of these lights:

  • Dimmable bulbs
  • Different coloured bulbs (for parties, etc.)
  • Globe-shaped bulbs
  • Lantern style
  • Edison-style bulbs (for the vintage look and feel)
  • Frosted bulbs
  • Clear bulbs

Light Up Your Spaces

Our multi-purpose, heavy-duty festoon lightings are useful for all types of events at your home, business setup or anywhere outside.

Light Up Your Homes

Enjoy the fascinating essence of your house by installing our lights:

  • Bedrooms
  • Outside porch area
  • Kitchen (over countertops, islands, etc.)
  • Dining room (over the table)
  • Libraries/studies
  • Outside deck area
  • Backyard parties

Enliven Your Gatherings

Make your place look amazing with our festoon outdoor lights:

  • Bar areas (both indoor and outdoor)
  • Music studios
  • Community parks
  • Art galleries
  • Restaurants over tables, etc. (both indoor and outdoor)
  • Stages in theatres
  • Wedding venues (both indoor and outdoor)
  • Theme parks


What is the life of heavy-duty festoon lighting?

The average lifespan of festoon outdoor lights is approximately 50,000 hours.

What is the cost of outdoor string lights?

The cost of string lights varies based on the cable length and the power of light bulbs you need. On average, you have to pay somewhere between £20 and £100.

What if I find it difficult to connect my lights?

Connecting these lights is simple. You must align the pins and grooves at each end of the string, push these “connecting parts” together, and twist to secure. There are also arrow signs on the ends of the string for your help.

How can I run my lights in multiple directions through only one power source?

You can do this with the help of 2-way and 3-way T-splitters and create a fascinating environment.