Driveway Recessed Lights

Driveway recessed lights are mandatory elements protecting your house entrance and illuminating and enhancing your driveway. With a rich variety of colours, these lights allow you to decorate your exterior as per your choice and budget.

The Outside Lighting Specialists ship the best quality lights that wonderfully comply with the aesthetic, service, and durability standards. We house an array of recessed driveway LED lights for sale, allowing you to choose your preferred ones. Connect with us online and decorate your driveway with our fascinating drive-over lights.

Security with Ambience

Driveway lightings are a whole package of safety, ambience and charm:

Choose Your Preferred Ones

Our company houses several types of driveway recessed lights, from classic to contemporary designs:

Quality Lights at Competitive Costs

We offer quality with convenience, and our premium lights are available for sale at highly market-competitive rates. Connect with us and grab your favourite lights to elevate your driveway.


What is the cost of walkover lights?

The cost of walkover lights varies depending on the type of light, size and colour. However, as a general idea, you can expect to pay £121.50.

What is the installation cost of walkover lights?

The installation cost varies based on your location and the labour involved for that specific light. Generally, the price is nearly £400.

What types of power options are available for driveway lights?

There are three possible power sources for driveway lights:

What is the expected life of a driveway light?

The life span of each type of light may vary. The average life of a driveway light is around 25,000 hours.