Solid Oak LED Wood Bollard Lights

Our solid oak LED light bollards are made to order. Made with a solid 100/100mm oak  they come with a choice of the heights and top profile finish. They are perfect for demarcation purposes on driveways or can be sympathetically placed amongst  flowerbeds to light pathways. As time goes by and the natural ageing begins they will blend perfectly with the surrounding. At night the angled recessed 2w LED light will spread a warm white light across your carriageway, path or steps. All bollards are supplied oiled with Osmo UV protection to bring out the characteristics

Each Bollard is unique and has its own markings and character.

Prices start from 144.99 per bollard  

Due to high demand we are currently working to a 1-2 week delivery

Carriage may apply depending on shipping address- Please call for more details

Contemporary Sandstone posts coming soon- Drop us a message to register your interest

Wood bollard lights may appear as small cubical wooden poles flanking driveways, pathways or pavements. They are ideal for embellishing decking, garden, or trees, and work perfectly in creating a safe, soothing ambience for pedestrians and vehicles. 

Almost 0.5m – 0.6m high, these lights generate a minimalistic, compact and elegant lighting effect, blending perfectly with contemporary designs and adding a touch of grandeur, Ensuring illumination, durability and eco-friendliness, these lights are an excellent option for outdoor lighting purposes.

The Outside Lighting Specialists has a versatile collection of quality wood bollard LED lights for sale. Our lights are durable, offer easy installation and are ideal for all types of outdoor installations. Connect with us online and make your exteriors brighter and safer with our wood bollard lights.

Greater Aesthetics and Functionality

Buying our timber bollard lights provides your exterior with a newly lit look.

  • These are energy-efficient, lightweight and eco-friendly.
  • These LED lights withstand external conditions and last for years.
  • These bollard LED lights offer easy installation and maintenance.
  • Their natural appearance makes them a beautiful option for your exteriors.
  • They come in a variety of colours and designs to match your theme.

A Versatile Collection to Pick From

Apart from offering elegance and security, these wood bollard lights come with remarkable choice flexibility, with each type having its distinctive make-up, a touch of elegance and cost. This allows you to choose the one that suits your interests.

  • TORRE SOLAR- LED solar-powered solid wood bollard light.
  • BEAMY- Teak bollard light.
  • ELLIPSE- Teak bollard light.
  • BOSCO- LED chestnut bollard light.
  • Q-BIC- Teak bollard light.
  • PUNTO- LED wooden bollard light.
  • SPIRIT RFL- Stainless steel bollard light.
  • TECKA88- Solar-powered teak bollard light.
  • TOTEM FL- Iroko bollard light/lamp holder.
  • BALUME- LED Padouk bollard light.

Affordable Multi-Purpose Lights

The Outside Lighting Specialists houses a collection of wood bollard lights that serve all your needs. Apart from lighting up your driveways and pavements, you can use them as wood bollard lights for your garden, patio, or lawn. Get our standard lights at affordable costs and brighten up your homes and commercial setups.


What is the average cost of wood bollard light?

The cost of these lights varies based on their type and quality. Generally, their cost is estimated at around £204.00, including VAT. Remember that this is not the final price, and for a clearer estimate, reach us online.

How long will my lights last?

The life span of these lights is dependent on their types. On average, they last for 5-10 years.

How far should I install my bollard lights?

There is no defined distance limit. It depends on your preferences and needs. Usually, these lights are installed at a distance of 2.5-4 metres.

What are the types of LED bollard lights?

Based on their manufacturing material, below are some types of bollard lights:

  • Stainless steel driveway bollard lights
  • Concrete bollard LED lights
  • Aluminium bollard LED lights
  • Wooden bollard LED lights

Based on their application, we can segregate them as:

  • Commercial pathway bollard lights
  • LED residential landscape bollards
  • LED decorative bollard lighting
  • Solar-powered bollard lights